AANHCP Members Annual Dues (2023)

AANHCP Members Annual Dues (2023)

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AANHCP and ISNHCP Practitioners and ISNHCP students can pay their membership dues here. U.S. members only may alternatively make payment by check/m.o. to:

P.O. Box 1765
Harrison, Arkansas 72602-1765

Please note the following:

Dues should be paid before February 1st. Members who fail to pay will be removed from the AANHCP Practitioner Locator List, ISNHCP Student Facebook page, and from receiving memos from the ISNHCP/AANHCP. Students who entered training in 2021 or later are exempt from paying dues. If there are temporary extenuating circumstances impacting your ability to pay, email the AANHCP. 

Members who fail to pay their membership dues on time, or who have left the organization previously in good standing but wish to be reinstated, must pay their full dues and a $25 reinstatement feet. Email your contact information for posting on the website after making your payment.

Confirm that your contact information posted on the practitioner locator list is correct. If it isn't or you need to update your information, email it to the AANHCP headquarters.

All AANHCP members and ISNHCP students should consider making a donation to the AANHCP. See several options in the drop down menu. ISNHCP students not required to pay dues may make donations here.

Special Notice: Beginning January 1st, 2023, ISNHCP and AANHCP members who are teaching for other training organizations or their own training program will be denied membership in the AANHCP and ISNHCP, including posting on the Practitioner Locator Listing.

The reason is that we are unable and have no time or interest in inheriting the task of determining whether or not what those training programs are teaching include violations of our ISNHCP Natural Trim Guidelines. If so, this would be a serious violation of the AANHCP Oath which all members including its officers are sworn to uphold and abide by to be in good standing. We want and require our members to be in good standing when we bring them before the public.

However, our members are always free to leave by simply not paying their dues and doing as they please outside our organizations. The ISNHCP does provide teaching pathways for its members who want to qualify and serve as ISNHCP Instructors. Email the ISNHCP Direct of Field Training if this interests you.