Natural Hoof Care Practitioners (Europe)



The NHC practitioners listed here received their training either through the AANHCP prior to 2009, or the ISNHCP since 2009 when all training by the AANHCP was transferred to the ISNHCP. "AANHCP" or "ISNHCP", accordingly follows the name of each practitioner to designate which training program they completed. Countries without qualified NHC practitioners are not listed. When they do become available, countries they are serving will be posted here.


Metteline Hjorth
ISNHCP Practitioner
Sognevejen 2
Spørring 8380 Trige
+45 20649929

Camilla Krøger Olsen 
ISNHCP Practitioner
Nordsjælland, Denmark 
+45 29789675 

Rici Overbye
ISNHCP Practitioner
Sjælland, Danmark 
Phone +45 60 100 007


Davey Kirk
ISNHCP Practitioner
Gers Region


Dario Arcamone
ISNHCP Practitioner
Firenze (Florence)

The Netherlands

Arno Gouw

ISNHCP Practitioner

Suzanne van der Linden
ISNHCP Practitioner
0031 (0)648429932

United Kingdom

Caroline Andresen
AANHCP Practitioner
Somerset, Devon, Wiltshire, Dorset, Gloucestershire
0044 7758528228 (cell)

Jennie Blakehil
ISNHCP Practitioner
Pound Farm, Swan Lane, Leigh, SN6 6RD 
Area’s covered - Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire 

Jan Brooksbank
ISNHCP Practitioner
Kirk Langley, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 4NG
East Midlands and surrounding counties.

Grace Diviney
ISNHCP Practitioner
Serving: West Midlands, Gloucestershire  and South Wales.
(Everywhere in between South Wales and West midlands)
Field house Lane, Romsley, West Midlands, B62 0ND

Georgie Harrison
ISNHCP Practitioner 
West Midlands and surrounding counties

Kelly Higgins
K.R.H Natural Horse Care
East Midlands

Edyta Jackson
ISNHCP Practitioner
Warwickshire and surrounding areas

Megan Ross
ISNHCP Practitioner
Based in West Sussex, UK 
Serving West Sussex and surrounding areas