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Message from the AANHCP Board of Directors:

We need your help in order to make a difference in the lives of millions of horses around the world.  Please show your support with a financial contribution.

Membership in the AANHCP is not just for NHC practitioners! It is open to anyone who wants to get involved and support our vital mission.The AANHCP needs and appreciates supporting members.

By becoming a member, you are showing your support for helping horses live healthier, more natural lives. Being an AANHCP member is being part of our growing family of horse owners and professionals who understand that "natural is best" for horses and that we are all working together for that worthy cause.

When you become a supporting member, your generous donation helps support many things that we do to help horses. In fact, the AANHCP can't do its job to the fullest without supporting members. When each of us pitches in to help, we can get the job done of making sure our vital mission is a growing success.

Keeping our legacy alive

If you read our organization's history you'll see that it's founders faced incredibly challenging odds to bring our vital mission to light. Today, because our pioneers stood up to much adversity, the AANHCP has found its place in the mainstream of the horse world and equines everywhere are reaping the benefits. But now it is up to supporting members to keep that legacy alive and thriving. It's always been because of horse owners like yourself, and our dedicated NHC practitioners, that we are a strong and growing force.

Because we are a growing organization with an important agenda of spreading good information, providing links to NHC practitioners, and answering your questions about what is naturally best for horses, it's important that each of think about how we can best support the AANHCP vital mission. Remember, every donation, large or small, will help keep our good work alive and secure for the future.

Where does your donation go to help?

Your donation will go towards supporting the many facets of the AANHCP, such as our official AANHCP field headquarters where association horses demonstrate to visitors the great value of NHC and the wild horse model. The AANHCP field headquarters is all about equine "vitality", and, hence, our "vital mission"! Sustaining our headquarters is important for several reasons: one, horses living on track in our Paddock Paradise are truly inspirational because they "live the model" -- healthy, strong, and living proof that NHC is truly the right thing to do for all horses. Visitors see this, and take what they have learned back to their own horses, apply the lessons, and "spread the good word" through their actions and connections to other horse owners. The AANHCP is clearly a "grass roots" organization, spreading the good word from one person to the next! And this is what we mean when we talk about the "flow of good information".

Targeted donations

Your donation also helps support our efforts to advocate and disseminate important information to other organizations, government agencies, and advocates, so that together we can bring about positive change on a grander scale.

Education is the cornerstone of our vital mission and supporting members can help us make sure the flow of good information to these entities stays strong, current, and effective. When you become a supporting member, your voice becomes part of our voice and the vital mission becomes that much stronger.

In 2017 the AANHCP will post targeted campaigns on our website to help specific groups of horses that need our vision for humane care and advocacy. We will facilitate this by providing targeted donation opportunities so you can help us get the job done.We will tell you what we need in the way of support and keep you abreast of how the effort is going.

Contributions to the AANHCP are tax-deductible.

Please confirm with your tax consultant regarding IRS deductions/benefits.

Donate now!

Any size contribution will be put to good work. Of course, the AANHCP "wish list" is not a short one. If you are in a position to help us in ways that go beyond becoming a member, then we want to hear from you. The AANHCP leadership is willing to sit down and discuss our needs with any potentially serious benefactor.

Donations can me made on this page or at PayPal for any amount of donation using this address:

Donations can also be made by check, payable to the "AANHCP":

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Thank you for supporting the AANHCP vital mission!