A Stall is Simply a Cage

If you ask the horses, these living conditions are not 'state of the art!'

A Los Angeles Police Department Mounted Patrol Horse hangs his head into the aisle of the 40-stall barn where he and all the other horses on the unit are kept when not out working.   The only 'turn-out' area at on the two-acre property, described as a 'state of the art equestrian facility', is the riding arena or in thel 40-foot round pen.  We have met with the officers in charge of their care and encouraged them to consider a more natural approach to their management of the horses including seeking an area for turnout and play at the adjacent Griffith Park.  Please join the AANHCP in telling the LAPD that these are not acceptable living conditions for the unit's 'finest.' 


"Backstage" at the Cole Brothers Circus

 © Suzanne Roy, April 2013


Horses belonging to the Royal Family of England

 These horses are tied 'in place.'


Photo © Jill Willis, November 9, 2009  Deurne, Netherlands

Most predator mammals love small, den or cave-like dwellings like this!

But horses, as nomadic, herd animals of prey, prefer large, wide-open spaces where they can 'see for miles,' take flight as needed.  Because their DNA is coded to feel safe within a herd, this sort of isolation and inability to escape can only be distressing.



A beautiful barn for the humans is simply a prison to the horses.

Photo © Raphael Macek Photography


From Equestrian Lifestyle Magazine

Horses will live approximately 23 hours per day, seven days a week, in a manner such as this In a typical show barn,


From Equus Magazine

For some horses, such as those boarded at the LA Equestrian Center, this photo demonstrates how the majority of this horse's day.is spent.


Most zoos are no place for an animal to live!

Photo © Elise Ward, December 14, 2012


A close-up of the LAPD Mounted Patrol Horse in his living quarters.  All LAPD horses live in one of the facility's 40 stalls when not working.  The only turn-out is in the riding arena or a small round pen on the two-acre site located adjacent to Griffith Park.  Contrast this photo with the one below showing the Madison, Wisconsin Mounted Patrol Horses who live in a "Paddock Paradise" at "Horse First Farm" when they are not working.


Madison (Wisconsin) Mounted Police Horses have happy living conditions!

The MMP Unit horses live happily together on track in a "Paddock Paradise" at 'Horse First Farm' boarding facility when they are not working!  The horses are not shod either!



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