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Why A Wild Horse Model?

The connection between what we do as NHC practitioners and our "wild horse model" -- the wild, free-roaming horse of the U.S. Great Basin -- is often a difficult bridge for newcomers and others to comprehend. "What does a wild horse have to do with my horses?" is the typical question we hear.


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Ask the AANHCP

Do you have a question about the AANHCP vital mission or NHC? The AANHCP welcomes inquiries about our vital mission -- what we do and why. If you have a question, email us, and if it's appropriate and edifying to others, we will share it and our response here.

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A Stall is Simply a Cage

Isolation & confinement does not make for happy, healthy horses!

Los Angeles Police Department Mounted Patrol Horse hangs his head into the aisle of the 40-stall barn where he and all the other horses on the unit are kept when not out working.   The only 'turn-out' area at on the two-acre property, described as a 'state of the art equestrian facility', is the riding arena or in thel 40-foot round pen.  We have met with the officers in charge of their care and encouraged them to consider a more natural approach to their management of the horses including seeking an area for turnout and play at the adjacent Griffith Park.  Please join the AANHCP in telling the LAPD that these are not acceptable living conditions for the unit's 'finest.'    View more photos here.

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