Why Support the AANHCP?


A message from the AANHCP Board of Directors:

Why support the AANHCP vital mission?

The short answer is . . . to help horses have healthier, more natural lives.

The AANHCP is dedicated to this very premise and always has been since its inception in 2000. And we want you to be a part of it. Become a supporting member! Be a part of our unprecedented cause! Let the AANHCP be your organization and voice too! Horses need all the help we can give them . . . and the AANHCP is here to deliver.

So don't just stand idly by . . . jump right in and help us. You are needed!

Now the question is, how can you help?

That will depend on you and what you have to offer. Here's some ideas!

First, educate yourself on what we're all about!

Read the news and articles posted here on our official AANHCP website. Follow our Facebook page as well. Obtain and read our educational materials. Share what you learn with others! Our vital mission flows through people, then to horses. You can become an important part of that vital flow! Truly! We learn everyday that someone has shared our news with others, and then they arrive and tell us. So, you see, it really works! It is all about inspiration through knowledge. Keep the flow going!

Become a supporting member.

If you like the kind of information you are getting from the AANHCP, and you want to hear more of it, then become a supporting member to make sure the information keeps flowing to people like yourself and others. Ultimately, the good news will reach and benefit horses. If we don't act, then the flow of good information is threatened. Because it can only flow if we all help. By standing back and doing nothing, or just observing, it puts the burden on the few. What if the few can't hold up the burden alone? Not because they don't want to, but simply because a growing movement to help horses means growing support is essential. But know that when you read the news here and learn that the AANHCP is making a positive difference (and we'll post that news here regularly), it's because your supporting membership has definitely helped make it possible.

Plan a trip to the AANHCP field headquarters and take our tour!

This is another excellent way to become educated and help our vital mission! Taking the tour means taking the opportunity to walk along the "horse paths" of our Paddock Paradise (not to mention the grand views across the coastal mountains). You'll see our healthy horses, see where they take their daily rolls, how they eat, what they eat, we'll show you their beautiful naturally shaped hooves, and we'll answer your questions. Whether you are brand new to NHC, or a veteran, everyone who comes agrees, "It is a life changing experience!" So, plan your next vacation and spend a few hours with us and the horses. You can read more about it and register here.

Want a new career doing good in the world? Become a NHC Practitioner!

Check out this great career opportunity at the Institute for the Study of Natural Horse Care Practices. (www.ISNHCP.net)

ISNHCP-trained NHC practitioners carry an important skill with them for life. You can go just about anywhere on the planet, lay down your tools and go to work because there is always a demand for well-trained practitioners. And the demand for NHC practitioners trained by the ISNHCP is steadily growing. In fact, demand outweighs supply!

Some ISNHCP trained practitioners elect to work full-time, others part-time. It's up to you. But the work will always be there waiting for you if you want it!

Another benefit of becoming trained by the ISNHCP is that, over the long term, you will save money -- and a lot of it -- doing your own horses! And this point brings us to an even bigger one . . .

The ISNHCP training program takes you up and beyond the hoof to understanding genuine holistic care and how to implement it for the benefit of yours and others' horses. By managing horses naturally, you will save not only on hoof care bills, but on expensive and unnecessary vet bills, and costly unnatural feeds and supplements that should never be put in a horse. We've proven this beyond a shadow of a doubt at the AANHCP field headquarters, where the horses are healthy, sound, and pain free as they roam about barefoot on track 24/7 in our Paddock Paradise. The ISNHCP training program will teach you how we do it, and how you can help others and earn money doing good in the world.

To learn more, contact ISNHCP support at info@ISNHCP.net today!

Send us news to report here -- share your story!

Like we said above, the AANHCP is all about the flow of good information. If you've heard about or seen something in the horse world that deserves reporting, let us know.

The AANHCP is mainly interested in sharing news about good things that people are doing for their horses. Because this is the kind of information that inspires others to do good too.

While it is amazing what horses are doing for people, such as we read about in competitions and horse shows, we are interested in what people are doing for their horses that is in sync with our vital mission. NHC is concerned with the basics of good horse management: For example, is the horse eating things that are healthy for his species, instead of crappy feeds and pasture turnouts that cause laminitis? Is he living with other horses in a natural boarding environment like Paddock Paradise instead of in a stall or small paddock? Are his hooves being tended to by a well-trained NHC practitioner recognized by the AANHCP? Is his body healthy and strong and not suffering from Navicular Syndrome because of harmful, unnatural training and riding practices? An inspiring story is one that talks about horse management where horses aren't suffering but are truly prospering!

Because many horses do suffer from unnatural practices, some very terrible, and because the AANHCP is also an advocacy organization, we encourage you also to bring things to our attention by email so that we can take action if warranted. You can contact us at info@AANHCP.net. Rest assured that your communication will be kept confidential.

If you need help with your horse, contact one of our NHC practitioners.

You can also support our vital mission by using NHC practitioners posted on this website's locator lists. While we cannot guarantee their performance, practitioners posted here have received formal NHC training and are required to adhere to the AANHCP Oath and Disciplinary Policy.

Now it's time to become a supporting member!

Now that you've learned some of the ways that you can support our vital mission, it's time to learn how you can become a supporting member of our growing AANHCP family. Click here to join the AANHCP now!