PETA "Hit and Run" Tactics Strike the Racing Industry

Recently brought to the news front in the New York Times is PETA's (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal's) assail of race horse breeder/trainer Steve Asmussen and his top assistant, trainer/manager Scott Blasi, accusing both of "subjecting their horses to cruel and injurious treatments, administering drugs to them for non-therapeutic purposes, and having one of their jockeys use an electrical device to shock horses into running faster."

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Perception vs. Reality: Equine Myths and Mistakes!

Horses frolicking in a carpet of thick grass is a typical but hazardous sight!
Photo © Jill Willis 2004

One might think that with some 60 million horses in the world that we would, as a civilization in love with these beautiful animals, have a better understanding of the species – what to feed them along with how much and how often, how to provide ample and healthy living conditions, at what age they can safely be ridden, how to ride them without harming them and how to best care for their feet without risk of causing pain or suffering..

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