Paddock Paradise Tour

$ 350.00

Message from Jaime Jackson:

If you are new to NHC, or are interested in converting your property for natural boarding purposes, then it is highly recommended that you take a tour of the official AANHCP field headquarters and Paddock Paradise, where our horses serve as the living embodiment of the wild horse model.

This is a walking tour that covers approximately 1 mile. We will follow the natural “paths” created by the horses; visit their “feed stations” positioned strategically along their paths, as well as their rolling and watering areas, all the while taking note of the unique “track” system which directs all movement. You will meet the horses, examine their healthy hooves and muscular bodies, and observe their natural behaviors and movements. Visitors have more than once called it a “life changing experience”.

Following the tour, there will be a detailed talk about what and how the horses are fed “on track”. This highly important information will also address the dietary needs of horses suffering from laminitis, senior horses, and over and underweight horses.

Dress "layered" because weather conditions here along California's central coast can shift rapidly from very warm to very chilly with strong ocean winds. Wear hiking boots or some other comfortable 'all terrain' shoes as the track is seldom level, sometimes very steep, and the ground gravelly. And bring water....

The entire tour takes approximately 3-plus hours. A minimum suggested donation of $350 for up to 10 people; for groups larger than 10, please email us. Children (12 and under) are free. Additional time following the tour can be scheduled if a consultation for planning & designing your own PP; email us for a rate.

Before registering above, email Jill Willis to schedule a date.

Tour fee is $350.