The NHC practitioners listed here received their training either through the AANHCP prior to 2009, or the ISNHCP since 2009 when all training by the AANHCP was transferred to the ISNHCP. "AANHCP" or "ISNHCP", accordingly follows the name of each practitioner to designate which training program they completed.

The ISNHCP training program differs substantially from the former AANHCP program. Academically, ISNHCP students are taught more subjects and in greater depth, they are examined extensively during and at the conclusion of their training; in the field, they are introduced to new and more effective horse handling skills and tool/equipment management. ISNHCP students must also spend one year as a "Student Practitioner" before receiving their diplomas.

All AANHCP practitioners are afforded the opportunity to come to ISNHCP standards through continuing education and examination. When this is the case, practitioners are then designated with dual AANHCP-ISNHCP status. "Student Practitioner" identifies ISNHCP students who have not yet completed the one year in the field requirement, but have successfully completed their academic and formal field instruction and examinations.

Practitioners who have successfully completed all ISNHCP requirements, and have shown exceptional talent and understanding of NHC principles and practices with at least two years in the field after receiving their diplomas, or after having satisfied ISNHCP examination requirements if they are AANHCP graduates, are qualified to be examined for Field Instructor status with the ISNHCP. Clinicians serving the ISNHCP must demonstrate the highest degree of NHC accomplishment and unwavering dedication to the AANHCP vital mission.

Provinces without qualified NHC practitioners are not listed. When they do become available, provinces they are serving will be posted here.


Sylvie Guitard, AANHCP
Luskville (Pontiac), Ottawa and Gatineau
819-455-9714 (res)
819-773-1221 (cell)